Meeting notes, automated

Circleback is your AI Personal Assistant that effortlessly records, summarizes, and lets you search your meetings. It transcribes your Zoom, Meet, or Teams call. It then summarizes the most important points and creates a follow-up email for you. It also lets you easily search through meetings the way you would ask ChatGPT by typing a question like "who told me they went to Cuba?" It cuts down the note-taking and follow-up process by about 25 minutes per meeting and its free to use.

Top Features:
  1. Transcription: Transcribes your call within Zoom, Meet, or Teams, so that you dont miss a crucial moment.
  2. Summary: Summarizes the most important points in several formats and then creates a follow-up email for you to send.
  3. Search: Easily search through meetings by typing a question like "who told me they went to Cuba?"
AI Audio TranscriptContent SummaryAI Email Writer
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1) Is Circleback secure?Data safety & privacy is a top priority. Data is encrypted in transport and stored in a secure database.
2) How does Circleback work?Circleback can join any Zoom, Teams, or Meet call that has a link it can access. All you have to do is copy the link of your meeting, and paste it into the top-right "Record Meeting" section after you log in. After that, Circleback does all the work.
3) How fast does Circleback work?Transcription begins the second Circleback enters your meeting. As soon as you end or remove Circleback from the meeting, crafting the notes and follow-up email begins. You should have access to that information within minutes.
4) Who owns the data?You do, we simply hold it safe for you in our secure & encrypted database. Should you want to delete your data, send us an email at
5) What integrations do you have?Circleback can join any Zoom, Teams, Meet, or WebEx call. Are we missing an integration you'd use? Email and let us know.