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Tailor-made AI image generation
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Astria is an innovative AI-powered generative image tool that allows you to train models with your unique concepts, styles, products, or even people. Whether you want to create avatars, professional 4K portraits, movie-like photo shoots in a 16:9 aspect ratio, unique visuals for product campaigns, storyboards for upcoming movies, or consistent images that match your unique style, Astria has got you covered.


With Astria's programmatic API, you can easily create custom apps for avatars, printing, concept art, or augment your existing app offerings with AI-generated images. This means you can access a wealth of creative possibilities and enhance your workflow in ways that were previously impossible.


Experience the power of AI-driven creativity with Astria - the ultimate tool for generating stunning, unique visuals.

Top Features:
  1. Video production: Align your crew with the most detailed, custom-made visual references. Previs to the max.
  2. Product shot: Find the most attractive visualization for your product - Instant realization of your vision, with limitless variations.
  3. Concept art: Realize your super-specific concepts with augmented creativity - Experiment, modify and fine-tune.
AI Image Generation
Technologies Used:
Stable DiffusionAmazon Web ServicesHeroku